About My Blogs

Hi there! Welcome to my site. Let me briefly explain what kind of blogs to expect from my site. Since I didn’t want to stick to just one category, my blogs will be a mix of “random” blogs. Places I go, fun things I do, places I eat, stuff I buy, books I read, or write whatever’s on my mind. I just want to share whatever I feel is worth sharing. Thank you for visiting my site.

About me: My name is Mariel. Born in 1989. Live in the bay area. Married since August 2015 to a gorgeous man. Have 2 yorkies who are my furbaby girls. Since the beginning of 2016 I’ve been into running, biking, boxing, yoga, and (as of September ’16) doing hula dance. Even before then, I used to be active. I used to play basketball, volleyball, sing in choir, dance hip hop, and so much more. I love to read, do a few DIY projects here and there, have as much fun as I can.