Disney Charms..My husband is so sweet

img_6901 So, a little about me: I don’t normally wear jewelry, and never cared for high end brands. But for Christmas I was given a Tiffany bracelet from my amazing boss. I’ve decided to try to buy meaningful charms when I can. The only Tiffany charm that I bought is the “Aloha” charm because that’s where my husband and I had our honeymoon. The dinglehopper was from Hot Topic. It was just a couple bucks and I love Princess Ariel.

Disneyland has always been a big part of my life, so I wanted to buy a charm for that. Downtown Disney had most of the charms and I asked an employee for the price range. He said $60-70. I kindly said thank you and walked towards the super cheap charms to see if I could find any good ones just like my dinglehopper. Nope, they were all super kid-ish. My husband told me to just buy a charm from the case that we saw earlier but I didn’t feel like spending that much just for a charm. (I tend to have buyers remorse when shopping for myself.) At some point, I lost my husband in the store for awhile. He later found me and showed me that he had bought not one but TWO charms (a Minnie and Mickey ears). I was so happy that I wore my bracelet throughout our Disneyland trip. Very slick move there, mister.


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