Twinkies Ice Cream?!

img_6162In the beginning of March I tried the twinkie ice cream, snoball ice cream, and the deep fried twinkies. Found them at Walmart and I’m not sure what other grocery stores have them or if they are still in stores. So hurry if you haven’t tried it yet.

The twinkie ice cream was pretty good. Tookimg_6159 me awhile to taste the flavor though. At first, I thought I was eating vanilla with twinkie bread bits. I love eating twinkies, but would I buy the ice cream again? I would say, yes. The snoball ice cream, on the other hand, I wouldn’t buy again. I can eat the regular snoball, but I just wasn’t feeling the ice cream. As for the deep fried twinkies, those were pretty good! Haven’t tried the chocolate flavor yet though.



Put the ice cream on top of the deep fried twinkies. Yum!



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