Gift Idea — Pua from Disney’s Moana

Every Disney princess has a sidekick. For Moana, I was surprised that Heihei was the main sidekick, and I’m upset about that. But Pua had her moments. Oh, I’m not sure if Pua is a girl or boy pig. Pua means “flower,” but that skunk from Bambi was also named Flower and he was a boy. So, if you know the gender of Pua let me know. She just looks more like a girl to me and sometimes I catch myself saying “him.”


I was doing some Christmas shopping and walked into the Disney store hoping to buy a present for either my niece or nephew. I came out with something for me instead. My husband actually bought it. Pua was the first thing I saw when I walked in. I held on to her and said that I wouldn’t leave the store without her. SHE’S SUPER SOFT! I love her. She only $40.



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