Winchester Mystery House Candlelight Tour

The Winchester Mystery House is located on Winchester Blvd in San Jose, CA. This blog is just about my opinion of what I thought about the candlelight tour rather than talking about the house and to why it’s haunted. My brother and his boyfriend have been to the flashlight tour last year, and they mansion-tour-photosaid that you walk around the house with a flashlight with NO tour guide. My family and I were expecting the same exact thing only with a candlelight (battery operated of course). We assumed that they had issues with guests using flashlights; guests accidentally aiming their flashlights at other’s in the face. Maybe an issue like that was the reason why they changed it to candlelights. Plus, it does sound like it would make the experience even scarier. BUT our assumptions were wrong. We got excited all for nothing. For this tour, you are walking around the house going room to room with a tour guide who tells very little history of the house and mostly ghost stories that house keepers and guests had experienced. I was even more disappointed that they added sound and visual effects! Seriously?! I asked one of the employees when the next flashlight tour would be and she didn’t know. The candlelight tour replaced the flashlight tour for this year and not sure if they’ll bring it back. Well, you know what? Bring it back!


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