Lisa’s Tea Treasures

Lisa’s Tea Treasures is located on Bascom Ave. in Campbell, CA. There are two other locations: Los Altos and Santana Row, but they had poor reviews. Thank goodness for yelp! Lisa’s Tea Treasures in Campbell didn’t disappoint.


I’ve been to two other tea rooms with my 3 best friends and Lisa’s is our favorite by far. Please make reservations ahead of time to any tea rooms you plan to visit. I made mine the day before and got lucky.


There’s three different rooms and all have different themed colors. The room we were placed in was the pink and white room. The other one was teal and I don’t remember what the third room was…maybe yellow?

Take a look at their menu.


I ordered the My Lady’s Respite with the Summer Regatta tea (peach strawberry flavored black tea). It was DELICIOUS! I loved my tea. I had to put two sugar cubes to make it perfect for my taste. My friend ordered the same tea and liked hers with a splash of milk.


My friends and I were surprisingly stuffed. When our server told us to let her know when we were ready for dessert, we were like, “What?! There’s more?!” Haha! We thought our cookies were the desserts! By the way, every table has this bell. You ring the bell whenever you need service. Oh, and they are dressed in maid outfits. How cute is that?

These were our dessert options. I got the bottom left plate. I didn’t like whatever the orange present-looking cake was.


Gotta love tea rooms. I wonder which one we’ll try next.


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