Thanks to my friend, Cathy Tran, I decided to try Icicles last night. A much needed dessert after another hot day. Icicles is located on Lincoln Ave in San Jose, CA. I was given a heads up about the long line. Usually, I like to wait to try new places until the hype dies down but I had nothing else to do. That and I was craving for ice cream. An hour and 10 minutes was how long I waited from the moment that I got in line to when my cup was delivered. Was it worth it? Yes! I got the “Wake Me Up” flavor because I love hazelnut. There’s only one size cups by the way. For the toppings I had them lightly drizzle it with caramel, whipped cream, cheesecake bites (OMG! I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF CHEESECAKE BITES! SUPER YUMMY!!), and a roasted marshmallow that is held on a pretzel stick.

The first thing you do is pick your flavor and pay. The workers will call your name when they’re ready to make your ice cream and they make it in front of you. Lastly, you pick your toppings that are listed on the board behind them. There’s also additional toppings that you can put yourself located near the entrance such as sprinkles and gummy bears. I honestly find it concerning that it’s not well supervised by the workers. I didn’t get a good look at if the toppings had lid covers or it’s a dispenser type of container. I’ll do an update next time I go.


Have you tried Icicles? Let me know what flavor and toppings you got. I’m thinking about trying mai thai next time. If you’ve tried it, was it good and what toppings go well with it?


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