1st 5k run. Froyo Run

unnamed-18The froyo run that I did was located in San Jose, CA. I chose to do the 5k first because I didn’t know what to expect. Might as well start off easy, right? Plus, I’m no hardcore runner. I’m more of a light jogger. The 5k actually felt shorter than I’d expected. Maybe it wasn’t the full 5k? I was a 10 minutes faster than my average time when I was training for the run. Or maybe I was having so much fun and had support from Paul Vu to keep me going. unnamed-17

I wanted to do a run that had cool goodies and medals. For the froyo run, you receive a pair of sunglasses and a hat. These were very useful that I just had to wear them for the run. The medal is a spoon that has whichever distance you ran. Lastly and obviously, you get FROYO! Your choice of flavor and toppings.

The froyo run is also great for kids. They get froyo at the finish line! It’s a neat event to do with family. Look out for the next froyo run near you.



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